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Elana Surname

 I go by "elana_s" on Twitter and many other places, because I'm proud of my name, but loath to make myself stalkable by giving away my actual family name.

I see there are a lot of fabulous women out there who go by very clever Internet pseudonyms that make them marketable, memorable, and Googleable. I'm thinking of Suzi Blu, Zoetica Ebb, Molly Crabapple, Trixie Bedlam. And possibly Gala Darling, Star St. Germain and Courtney Riot, I have no idea if those are their birth names — if so, nice going, parents!

I'm also thinking of the fabulous Warren Ellis formula of character names: ordinary first name, EXPLODING (highly unique) SURNAME. For example, Anna Mercury, William Gravel, Mary Raven, Richard Fell, Jenny Sparks, Jack Cross, Miranda Zero. Sometimes both names explode, as with Spider Jerusalem.

There can be no mistake; my name is Elana. The "s", however, is up for negotiation. I am trying to choose a word of some degree of awesomeness for this purpose.

I've got a few possibilities under consideration. Fifteen, to be precise, plus one user-submitted write-in. (Thanks, Ilan.) Feel free to voice your opinion. I won't promise to be democratic, but I do value your thoughts.

Grouped by theme:

The Cute Ones:

Elana Sparkle
Elana Spectacle
Elana Sprinkle
Elana Sprout
Elana Syrup

The Sci-Fi Ones:

Elana Satellite
Elana Stimulant
Elana Syndicate
Elana Synthesis

The Violent Ones:

Elana Scandal
Elana Seethe
Elana Spasm
Elana Spree


Elana Sex Bomb (thanks Ilan)
Elana Shibuya
Elana Spunk

This is just the shortlist. I have a bunch of crossed out hilariously bad ones on little scraps of paper. I can share those too if you want.

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